For Whom do I Write?

For Whom do I Write?

I create stories first and foremost for my own entertainment. They help me go to sleep and give me something to think about when I’m staring off into space. I write them down so I can remember them and enjoy them later.

The second person I write for is the reader. This is why I post things on fictionpress and wattpad. I like to get feedback from people who randomly found my story and enjoyed it or didn’t like it. Either way, they help me grow. I want the reader, whether that reader knows me or not, to enjoy the story as much as I do, so I polish it for them.

The last thing I care about are those who could have a say in whether I get published or not. I don’t think about these readers until the editing process or later. I write to entertain, not to get published. Yes, I want to make a career out of it, and I eventually want that career to become a platform to help me reach new writers. However, I believe that stories should be entertaining before they can be marketable.

When it comes to these blog posts, my thoughts follow the same line. I initially write them to help clarify my thoughts, and then I think about the readers and what I can help them think about. Most of the time, I just blurt my thoughts on a page and that’s that. If you can get something out of it, yay! If not, well I’ll go back and read it and get an idea. Only later, when I start thinking about query letters and literary agents do I think about how having a blog might appeal to a publisher.

Some people write for the publisher first. They try to write something that will appeal to pop culture so they can hopefully make it big. That’s a great way to do things if you want to become famous. I just can’t do that.


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