Evolution of a Story

Evolution of a Story

On Wednesday night, my husband and I both had fitful sleep and kept waking each other up. For once, I’m actually grateful for fitful sleep, because it helped me remember the dream I was having. The dream was so great, I decided that it was going to become the plot of a book. Here is how it has transformed in the six days since I dreamed it:

Dream: I was a superhero with all these cool powers, in a team of heroes. I had the most powers and was the coolest, obviously. We had an enemy, who turned out to be Droydox (one of my characters from another story). Then I woke up and went back to sleep and the dream changed. I was returning back to the city I used to patrol and found one of my former teammates. The enemy and I started dating, and I guess I thought he didn’t know who I was. He ended up capturing me and forcing to take a pill that would give me his powers so I could understand him better. I dissolved into light and died, and he changed because he loved me and was sorry that he killed me.

Version 1: The girl with all the power, I named Katie. The idea behind the powers was that some alien race wanted to experiment on humans and developed these pills. There was two pills of every color of the rainbow. They abducted Katie and gave her all but one pill (the yellow pill) to see how it would effect us. Then an alien disguised himself as a door to door salesman and handed out one of each pill to whomever would take them. Those with the pills and Katie all formed a group called the so-called-heroes and fought crime in their city. Something terrible happened and the group was unmasked and several members sent to jail. Katie disappeared. Crime rose to unprecedented levels, and the “villain,” whose name is Andrew, basically took over the city with his gang. Katie came back and Andrew found her right away and basically made her his bitch. I wrote this for three days straight and got all the way to 14,000 words before I decided it needed to be changed. I wrote it much like Dark Light, in first person from Katie and Andrew’s points of view. From there, it looked like it was going to follow a very stereotypical plot of falling in love and changing, yada yada.

Version 2: In this one, whomever did the experiment on her paid her millions for it. One of the other team member’s was taking advantage of Katie, but the event that caused the group to split changed from a horrid accident to her friend’s suicide, which she then ran from. She isolated herself so far from society that she didn’t learn about Andrew killing off her former team until eight years later, when he finally killed the last one left. She returned to the city with no plan, ended up becoming Andrew’s neighbor. He told her he knew who she was, and that he was the step-brother of the friend who killed herself. He showed her a second suicide note that her friend left, explaining how she had seen the man taking advantage of Katie and told the team about it, but they all knew. She tried to stop it and failed, and the guilt ate at her until she couldn’t live with it.  I tried to do this one from solely Katie’s perspective, and I ended up telling the story instead of showing it. I got 5,300 words in yesterday and then decided I needed to change it again.

Current version: In all of them, I was trying to depict Katie with social anxiety because that’s something I deal with and am trying to improve on. She was supposed to have a soft heart and be unable to bring herself to actually hurt anyone, which is why she was so easily taken advantage of. I don’t think I did a very good job of depicting either facet of her character, and she was rather flat and predictable. This time, I plan to actually get in her head. The backstory will be revealed in time instead of just blurted out all at once like it had been the past few versions. I’m still going to write it in first person and maybe even change it into present tense so I don’t sound like a third-person narrator stuck in one pair of eyes like I did for the last version. This one is going to be a challenge. Hopefully it will help me expand my writing abilities and not make me feel like I’m a failure of a writer.

Basically, all of that to say, I wrote over 20,000 words in the past week, most of which will not be read by anyone other than myself. Whatever writing drought I was in has finally ended.

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  1. It’s great that you’re trying a new system of writing, I can’t wait to see how it turns out!
    Thank you for the glimpse into your mind, creative and intruiging.

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