Coloring Breaks

Coloring Breaks

One test taking tip that I really liked using in school was reading a question thoroughly and then if I didn’t understand it, I would skip it. I was told that this gives the question to the subconscious, which works on it in the background until you go back to it. This helped me with breakthroughs on many a test, but not all of them. I apply the same technique when I hit a particularly difficult portion of plot.

First, I write until I can no longer. If I stop and stare at the screen for too long, then I know I need to take a break. Oftentimes when this happens, I read the last sentence or paragraph I wrote over and over. If my brain is stuck, then I go into another room and start coloring. It gives the problem of what to write to my subconscious as the front of my brain sings along to music and moves colored pencil over paper. Once I really get into the coloring I can start thinking about the story again, and when I hit a breakthrough and a stopping point I go back to writing.

I’ve tried other types of breaks, but coloring works best for me. Looking at memes on the internet gets addicting and is difficult to stop. Web comics or reading take up my entire brain and are addictive. Dancing and singing works every now and then, but I have to be in a particular mood for that. Every now and then, the coloring does become addictive too, but when that happens I can still think of stories.

My backspace button just broke. I’m going to go color now.

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