The First Draft

The First Draft

A scene in A Curious Mask was bugging me, so I decided to rewrite it. In the original scene, Finch and Rianna were forced together on a raft on the underground river of Montevia. The underground river is the capital’s main source of water, since it’s built into a mountain and surrounded by dry savanna. I decided that the river would probably not be passable by those who need air to breathe, so I tried to rewrite it.

The scene starts when Rianna is running away from the king. Sir Finch is sent after her to bring her back. Instead of slipping into the river, I had her take a road out of the capital. The rewrite did a good job of showing her paranoia, but that was about the only advantage it had over the original. The more I wrote, the more I realized that it was derailing the plot too much. Since they were out on the open plains, they weren’t forced to be together. It made Sir Finch seem more like a creepy stalker than a knight doing his duty which made Rianna more scared of him than curious about him. If I had decided to keep this rewrite, I would probably had to continue with it and rewrite the entire book. It set off the plot that much.

I tried to rewrite it again, this time with the assumption that only wisters could survive going down the river because they could hold their breath longer. Rianna slipped in, Sir Finch saved her from wisters, and then they were going to face the almost impassable river. The problem with this was that there was no way for Rianna to survive without Finch turning her into a wister. Again, this would have dramatically changed the plot. Also, it didn’t contain as much world-building as the original and simplified the entire scene in a way I wasn’t satisfied with.

In the end, I decided to try to polish the original. I like it much better than I did before I tried to rewrite it, and this entire process helped me realize that sometimes the first draft is the best draft. It will always go with the plot, and it is often my most inspired writing.

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